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What is Active Isolated Stretching

Stretching is important for everyone to do, especially athletes. Stretching helps to loosen muscles, prevent injury, and can help improve flexibility. Many people don’t stretch before or after their workouts because they don’t have time, it hurts, or they don’t see a point.


Stretching is something that everyone should do on a daily basis. One type of stretching you may not have heard of is Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Active Isolated Stretching is a stretching technique that maximizes the effectiveness of stretching without causing discomfort. It is often used to help with muscle release before different types of massages. This type of stretching can also help prevent muscle damage.

At Amazing Hands Day Spa, we offer Active Isolated Stretching as one of our services. There are many benefits to this stretching technique. Read on to learn more about AIS.

How It Started

According to AZCentral, AIS was developed about 40 years ago by Aaron Mattes.it was designed to help increase flexibility and strengthen individual muscle. This technique can target an individual muscle, a specific muscle group, or even a section of an individual muscle. AIS uses the stretch reflex and reciprocal repression to lengthen and strengthen different muscles.


Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

Just like that are many benefits to stretching, there are also many benefits to Active Isolated Stretching. Many people do not know how to stretch the different muscles throughout their body. They may not know how to properly stretch others. When you come in to Amazing Hands Day Spa, you will have an expert helping to stretch different areas and muscles, allowing you to feel better and less pain.

This type of stretching can help improve range of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and lymphatic system. Blood flow will also improve with AIS, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers and tissue.

Since Active Isolated Stretching is done to you, you are not working as hard to stretch as you generally would. This helps you reap the benefits without having to worry about straining any muscles or stretching improperly.

When you stretch before a massage it can improve circulation, supply your nerves with blood supply, increase overall blood flow, allow for a fuller range of motion, and can increase your air supply.

If you think that you could benefit from Active Isolated Stretching before a massage, Amazing Hands Day Spa is the place to go! Honestly, everyone could benefit from this unique spa service! Having one of our experts help your with your AIS will allow you to get a full spectrum of benefits. If you have been suffering from sore and tight muscles recently, an Active Isolated Stretching service along with one of our massages can do the trick!

Learn more about this spa service by contacting us, we can answer any questions you may have and help set you up for your AIS and massage appointment! You can also request a session online! Contact Amazing Hands Day Spa to learn more and get your stretch on today!