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Swedish Massage

$88 – 60 minutes, $155– 90 minutes

Swedish massage is the most preferred of all massage types. The lighter pressure and gentle strokes are designed to relax muscles, relieve tension, improve the flow of blood, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Swedish massages also help the body release toxins and waste from the muscles and other tissues.

Swedish massage accomplishes this by increasing blood flow to create healthy tissue and cells. Swedish massage consists of long gliding strokes, always moving toward the heart. Some benefits of the Swedish massage include reducing pain and stress levels, improving immune system function, and relaxing the nervous system.

Deep Tissue Massage

$105– 60 minutes, $155– 90 minutes

Deep tissue is slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movement that help relieve some chronic pattern of pain and tension, specifically in neck, back, and shoulder areas. Deep tissue massage releases tension in deeper muscle layers. In a deep tissue massage the pressure is deeper than with a Swedish massage, and is recommended for chronic contracted areas such as stiff neck, tight shoulders, lower back tightness, and sore muscles due to extreme physical athletic performance. These massages can get rid of muscle knots, which are tight ball of muscle that occurs from being overworked. It causes discomfort and sometimes lack of movement. Deep tissue massage applies direct pressure in the direction of muscle fibers to unblock the affected area.

Bamboo Massage

$120– 60 minutes / $165 – 90 minutes

A bamboo massage is typically done with a hollow organically-treated bamboo cane of different lengths and diameters, which is warmed or used at room temperature. The massage ensures circulation, sensory nerve perception, and provides a deep sense of relaxation and serenity. Stimulation of the tissue by the bamboo stick helps in getting relief by dissipating the heat that results from an accumulation of toxins and poor circulation. The muscle is then kneaded, which assists in the release of tension and easing of knots. Similar to other massages, it promotes circulation, relaxation, and other general benefits.


It relieves neck, shoulder, and upper back pain well as stiffness. It also increases lymphatic drainage and helps remove toxins from the body. It encourages the body’s natural healing abilities, since it releases endorphins, which is your body’s natural painkiller.

Aroma Oil Massage

$110– 60 minutes, $160– 90 minutes

Aromatherapy fragrant essential oils are used to naturally enhance your massage experience and increase the benefits you will receive. Choose from many options like lavender for its calming effects, or eucalyptus to soothe coughing and aid in decongestion.

Aroma Hot Candle Massage

$120 – 60 minutes / $165- 90 minutes

Massage performed with the use of aromatic candles has many advantages. The benefits from a candle massage are great not only for the psyche but also for the skin. The skin becomes elastic, soft to the touch, silky smooth, and smells of pleasant aroma. The skin is much more moisturized, nourished, supplied with blood, and will look radiant. Candle massage brings relief for dry skin lacking vitality. It guarantees deep relaxation and sedation through the elimination of tension in the body. It also helps in the fight with stretch marks, cellulite, and neutralizes free radicals.

Candles have an optimum melting temperature. Heated oils are perfectly spread on the skin, enveloping it with warmth, protection, and captivating scents.

The fantastic atmosphere of the candle massage treatment is appreciated by our customers who are increasingly looking for ways of relaxation without having to go on vacation. A warm touch of oil and released aroma will move your thoughts into a place where there is no stress. This extremely pleasant and rare massage with shea butter is possible, because the butter is heated directly by the candle flame. Due to the fact that shea butter has a low melting point, it is easy to get to a warm, but not hot, oil temperature.

Active Isolated Stretching

$30 per 30 minutes

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a dynamic system for improving your flexibility and overall well-being. As you probably already know, stretching your muscles not only reduces your chance of injury, but also strengthens your tendons and improves your circulation.

Sports Massage

$165– 90 minutes

A massage that incorporates more stretching and deeper work for people who are physically active. Ice and heat therapies may be used to reduce inflammation from injuries. Sports massages can be beneficial for people with injuries, chronic pain, or limited range of motion. A sports massage assist in preventing injuries, maximizing training performance, and improving endurance. This therapeutic massage helps the body recover from the stresses of strenuous exercise, and facilitates the rebuilding phase of conditioning.

Sports massage can be beneficial for warming up before a sporting event (when the blood flow is stimulated, it enhances the warm up). It can also be used after a sports event to help with the recovery stage.

Hot Stone Therapy

$120– 60 minutes, $165 – 90 minutes

Hot stone therapy is a style of massage where heated stones are placed at specific sites on your body to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in your muscles. Muscles that are heated with these stones release tension and stress much more deeply and quickly than with a traditional massage. The overall experience is very relaxing, nurturing, and rejuvenating.

Trigger Point Therapy

$165- 90 minutes

Your body stores stress in specific areas called pressure points. Pressure points are small painful pockets of energy that are located along a nerve pathway in your body. These pressure points actually block the nerve energy from flowing through your body, causing a variety of discomforts and illnesses. In your session, pressure will be applied to these specific points and dissolve them, releasing any blockages and restoring your nerve pathways to optimal health and function.

Myofascial Release

$120– 60 minutes, $165– 90 minutes

Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy intended to eliminate pain, increase range of motion, and rebalance the entire body. It does this by using massage techniques to stretch the fascia and release the bonds that exist between the fascia, muscles, and bones. An indirect release applies light pressure and gently stretches the fascia; this allows for increased blood circulation and relief from pain.

Prenatal Massage

$120– 60 minutes

Prenatal massage can alleviate and reduce low back and hip pain, while increasing circulation and relaxation. Prenatal massage therapy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle aches and joint pains. This massage helps regulate hormone levels and improve cardiovascular health. Prenatal massages can also help with emotional and physical discomforts.

Due to the uterus resting on the pelvic floor, women usually have pain in there lower back or sciatic. The prenatal massage helps to release the tension on the sciatic nerve and surrounding muscles.

Body Wrap


Relax in a warm cocoon, rich with seawater minerals and essential oil. A purifying treatment that cleanses and detoxifies the body while restoring skin’s tone and vitality. The peppermint twist combined with a deep cleansing body wrap, draws out toxins and delivers essential minerals to the skin.

Body Scrub


Reveal a more radiant you. Stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate your skin with our invigorating organic body scrubs. Both salt and sugar scrubs are different forms of exfoliation—sloughing off dead skin cells to allow the skin underneath to become hydrated and rejuvenated. Combined with pure natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary, orange peels, lemon, ginger, and herb blends, these scrubs are invigorating, spirit-lifting experiences.

Italian Hands


When the paraffin treatment is applied to the hands, the gentle and even heat increase blood flow, soften the skin and remove dead cells. The result is increased elasticity, relaxed muscles, and rejuvenated silky hands.

Lymphatic Massage

3 massages for $299 – (3) 60 minutes

A gentle, relaxing form of massage that helps the body’s lymphatic system get moving again while reinforcing immune function. The very light massage encourages lymph flow in the body. It is particularly good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery, and post-liposuction. It can also help with cellulite treatments, scar tissue, spider veins, redness, and acne.

Couples Massage

For couples looking to spend quality time together, we invite you to experience deep relaxation. Melt away all your stress, relax your mind, and ease muscle tension with our therapeutic touch. Experience an amazing massage together with scented or unscented oil, candles, soothing sounds, and a serene atmosphere that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed for the rest of the day.

Couples Massage Deluxe


Our deluxe couples massage includes a 60 minute massage, paraffin hand treatment, and 2 glasses of complimentary mimosa or moscato wine.

Couples Massage


Our couples massage includes a 60 minute massage.

Enhance your session with any of these treatments for the ultimate spa day

Ear Candling $49

Ear candling can relieve sinus pain and pressure by removing excess wax build up, assisting with relieving swimmers ear, assisting with headaches, and relieving severely itchy ears. Potential benefits may include improved lymphatic fluid flow through the body, a more balanced emotional state and clearer thinking.

Foot Scrub and Massage $29

This blissful foor massage will leave your feet feeling relaxed and smooth. Starting with a warm foot scrub, followed by a soothing foot massage, you will leave our spa walking on clouds.

Indian Scalp Massage $39

You will fall head over heels for this relaxing massage. Warm oil is applied on the head, scalp, and hair for this massage, which provides both a soothing and restorative effect. Get relief of tension, headaches (migraines), and eye strains—balancing the energy flow of the body

Paraffin Hand Treatment-$25

Three or more services will be charged a 15% service charge.


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