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Ways to Relieve Stress

Everyone deals with stress at some point in their life. While stress is common, it is not healthy and is not something that you should simply live with. Stress can cause a variety of different health problems, both mental and physical. But we are not here to talk about why stress is bad, we are here to talk about how you can relieve your stress!

Relaxing and de-stressing are important. At Amazing Hands Day Spa, we work hard to help our clients relax and leave their worries behind them. While our massages can help you to relax and relieve your stress a bit, we wanted to give you a list of even more ways to de-stress!

In this blog, we are going to give you tips and tricks for relieving stress. Try out these different strategies to feel better and relax more.



If you are thinking that you don’t have time in your busy day to meditate, then you need to mediate. It only takes a few minutes a day and can help ease anxiety, relax your mind, and allows you to de-stress. A WebMD article mentions that meditation may alter neural pathways in the brain, making your more resilient to stress.


Laughing is a great way to put you in a better mood, but it can also reduce stress. Laughing lowers cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone, and boosts endorphins, a chemical in your brain that helps boost your mood. So, not only does laughing feel good, it can actually help reduce stress! Go watch your favorite comedies or talk to your funniest friend.

Hit the Gym

Exercise is another great way to reduce stress and improve your overall health. All forms of exercise can help ease anxiety and depression. This is because working out releases chemicals in your brain that help you feel good and reduce stress! If you are feeling extra stressed about something get up and get moving. It may be just what you need to de-stress.

Blast the Tunes

Music is great. There are not many people who will disagree with that statement. But what makes music even better is the fact that is can help reduce stress. Listening to soothing music has the ability to lower heart rate and blood pressure while also relieving anxiety. Blasting your favorite tunes and singing as loudly as possible can also offer a release and help you de-stress.


Do What You Love

Spending some time doing what you love is another great way to reduce stress. If you have been overly stressed with your day to day routine, work, and whatever else you have going on, make some time to do something you love. It is important to give yourself some time to yourself and do something you really enjoy.

Get a Massage

Of course, a massage is another great way to reduce stress. Massages are relaxing and help to work out the tension in your muscles. Getting a massage can help reduce pain, while also boosting your mood and relieving stress!

If you have tried everything to reduce your stress and nothing seems to work, schedule a massage at Amazing Hands Day Spa. We offer a variety of different massages that can help you relax and de-stress. Contact us with any questions you may have.