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About Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point massage focuses on areas of the body that are known as trigger points. A trigger point, which can also be called a trigger site or a muscles knot, is generally an isolated area in a muscle group that can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and other discomforts in other areas of the body that are not even remotely close to the specific muscle, or trigger point.


If you have a muscle knot that causes pain in other areas of your body, a trigger point massage may be able to help you get relief. If a trigger point in your back is causing your neck pain, which is causing you to get headaches, you may want to consider a trigger point massage. At the Amazing Hands Day Spa, we can offer you trigger point therapy that can help you experience relief from your pain. Read on to learn more!

More About Trigger Points

Your body stores stress in specific areas called trigger points, which are located along the nerve pathways in your body. Trigger points block nerve energy from flowing throughout your body, which causes pain and discomfort.


How it Works

Pressure is applied to these trigger points that are causing the client pain. This pressure releases these points of pain and allows for long-lasting relief. This is not your typical type of massage. The massage therapist uses their fingers to apply gentle and constant pressure to trigger point, the pressure is held for about seven seconds before it is released.

Since there are multiple trigger points throughout the body, you can receive trigger point therapy to different points that are causing you pain. While the pressure being applied to their points may be painful, you will be able to feel relief after the therapy session is over. If the pain is really bad, a few sessions may be required.

Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

Since trigger point therapy targets specific trigger points, it can offer different benefits compared to other types of massage that treat pain. During your trigger point therapy, you will guide one of our massage therapist where the trigger point and pain you feel is located. An article from Massage Magazine mentions that one massage therapist had clients who had experienced improvements in their range of motion, mood, migraines, and relief from depression. While not everyone will experience these benefits, it just shows what this trigger point therapy can do for you.

If you are hoping for a relaxing and peaceful massage, trigger point therapy is not the treatment to pick. But if you are looking to rid your body of pain, trigger therapy may be perfect for you and may provide you with relief from your pain.

At Amazing Hands Day Spa, we offer a variety of massage types, providing you with a massage that targets your needs and wants. Learn more about our massages and trigger point therapy and schedule your appointment today! We can help you find the right massage for you and the treatment that will offer you the most benefits. Contact us today with any questions you may have!